Interview with a US Employer

Canadians, How to Interview with a US Employer to Get the Job

If you think it's more difficult to get a job as a Canadian with a U.S. employer, you're wrong. Due to the shortage of qualified professionals in the U.S., the similar language, culture and equivalent schooling––employers are eager to hire Canadians.
Many employers don't realize the immigration requirements when hiring Canadians. Some are surprised to hear Canadians require a visa; others think it's a costly visa used when hiring someone from overseas. Most employers have heard of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but do not realize this agreement provides the TN Visa (or TN Status) for Canadians to quickly begin working in the U.S. in one year increments with unlimited renewals.
The key to a Canadian applicant's success will be their attitude and preparedness during the interview. Employers are interested in finding a qualified applicant who can start quickly with little hassles.
“Assuming you're qualified for the job and you interview well, then the deciding factor will be how well you can explain the TN Visa requirements,” says Gulam Jamal. Jamal is the president of TN Visa Expert, a company that helps Canadians easily and affordably obtain their TN Visa with a do- it-yourself application kit.

Show Your Value

Establish your value in the interview. Your first interview is to show the employer how you will be an asset to their company.

When to Discuss your TN Visa Requirements

This may occur in the first interview or a follow-up interview. Ideally, you'll want to discuss this at the end of the first interview. When the employer sees your value, you will have an easier time discussing the TN Visa.

Know your Facts about the TN Visa

It is very important you confidently explain the TN Visa application process and answer any questions or concerns your employer may have. This is an easy visa to obtain, if you've prepared the application correctly and are prepared for the border interview.
A second benefit to knowing your TN Visa facts will show your employer how you prepare yourself and can provide solutions to problems.
Finally, the employer will hire you if no red flags are raised in his mind. Minimize the red flags and he/she will contact you.

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TN Visa Expert provides valuable information to help Canadians successfully live and work in the U.S. Learn about the TN Visa and be prepared. Useful articles, a Do it Yourself TN Visa Application Kit and TN Visa sample letters available.


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