ICTC Information Technology Professional (ITP) Program

Information and Communications
Technology Council

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is a centre of expertise in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research, policy development and workforce solutions. ICTC enables industries to maintain a competitive advantage in a global market and develop Canada’s future skilled and innovative talent.

CTC is…
  • An independent and neutral policy advisor to business and governments across Canada.
  • A provider of authoritative and best-in-class ICT business intelligence.
  • Connected with a vast established network of partners in government, industry, and academia; domestically and internationally.
  • A provider of strong program management and delivery.

ICTC Professional Development includes the Information Technology Professional (ITP) Program

A post-graduate, full-time, 12-month, interactive learning experience that includes a three-month work term. The ITP Program is designed for national and international graduates, from any field of study, who are interested in pursuing rewarding careers within the ICT sector. The program is offered at our partner delivery sites in Canada, and is expanding internationally.

Today, Canadian industry and ICTC’s partners continue to affirm the primary need for these skills anticipated by industry executives and educational professionals. Working closely with these partners, ICTC continually adapts ITP to respond to what employers identify as important skills gaps in the IT field.

For more information about the ITP Program, go to: www.itp.ca