Focus on Information Technology (FIT)

Information and Communications
Technology Council

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is a centre of expertise in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research, policy development and workforce solutions. ICTC enables industries to maintain a competitive advantage in a global market and develop Canada’s future skilled and innovative talent.

CTC is…
  • An independent and neutral policy advisor to business and governments across Canada.
  • A provider of authoritative and best-in-class ICT business intelligence.
  • Connected with a vast established network of partners in government, industry, and academia; domestically and internationally.
  • A provider of strong program management and delivery.
Focus on Information Technology (FIT)

The FIT program is a part of ICTC's youth initiative that focuses on providing tools to explore career possibilities in Canada's ICT sector. FIT was designed to help Canadian secondary students recognize the importance of ICT, while developing their skills in business, communications, and technology. FIT is carefully aligned to provincial curriculum, allowing students to meet the requirements of their provincial secondary school diploma, while pursuing FIT certifications. FIT further challenges their students by encouraging them to prepare for industry recognized credentials such as A+, Java, Cisco IT Essentials, Adobe certifications, and Microsoft.

How FIT Works

The FIT program was designed to seamlessly integrate practical career training with current Canadian-wide curricula. FIT's curriculum is a simply 'pathway of courses' and is based on a 'standards' system that allows for full flexibility within schools. What does that mean? It means that different schools, offering their students different courses, can teach the FIT program. All they have to do is cover the FIT standards that are designated within a certain certification or concentration. It also means that your child does not need to take classes outside of their immediate FIT school. Just think of it like university; a student needs to take a set of prescribed courses (or pathways) that will permit them to graduate with specific degree.

To learn about FIT, please visit the FIT program