Opinions About Canadian Information Technology

Q&A: IT job hunting advisor Janice Weinberg By  Rafael Ruffolo , ComputerWorld Canada, 23/02/2010
Most of the job hunting advice currently available to IT managers is either too generalized or only applicable to lower-level positions, according to the author of a new book aimed at current and aspiring IT leaders. Read what she has to say ... more

10 best IT jobs right now By  Denise Dubie , Network World, 02/02/2010
IT professionals looking to find new employment or upgrade their current positions should investigate job opportunities that address growing demand for technologies such as virtualization, cloud, network security and social computing skills ... more

Hot Skills, Cool Jobs By  Jennifer Kavur , Computerworld, 26/01/2010
Demand for IT professionals has grown in the last quarter. Our guide to the jobs that are in demand, what they pay, and the skills you need to get them ... more

Experts fear mass IT exodus following recovery By  Denise Dubie , Network World , 19/11/2009
Almost half of Canadian and American execs surveyed believe retaining staff will be a priority next year. Read why HR experts think some will flee their current employers ... more

Why IT is fun again By  ComputerWorld Canada staff , Computerworld, 12/11/2009
Technology professionals tell us why they love the job ... more

Expert explains the 3 r’s of networking By  Jennifer Kavur , Computerworld, 05/11/2009
Mark Jeffries – a top communications consultant, presentation coach, keynote speaker and former stockbroker, economist and TV host – provided a step-by-step strategy on how to network at the SAS Premier Business Leadership Series in Vegas ... more

Recovery train could leave IT jobs behind By  Patrick Thibodeau , Computerworld, 01/10/2009
As the economy begins to regain strength, companies are expected to increase spending. But many IT managers are expected to show caution in hiring new workers ... more

Mainframe specialists make the IT “it” list By Jennifer Kavur , ComputerWorld Canada, 15/09/2009
Demand for mainframe specialists is at an all-time high, according to IBM Canada. While IT staffing firm Sapphire Canada hasn't noticed an increase in demand, the need for mainframe specialists never really decreased either, says Sergio Mateus ... more

5 surefire ways to get fired By Denise Dubie, Network World, 08/09/2009
IT professionals and career experts point out five ways high-tech workers could earn themselves a spot in the unemployment ranks ... more

Quick guide to contract work for IT job hunters By Jennifer Kavur, ComputerWorld Canada, 27/07/2009
Eighty-two per cent of CIOs find contracts valuable for evaluating prospective employees, according to an IT staffing firm. How to tailor your resume, land the job and increase your chances of moving into a permanent position. Plus, where the opportunities lie and the pros and cons of contract work ... more

Six steps to minimize layoff impact By Dan Cobb, ComputerWorld Canada, 23/06/2009
In many cases, it doesn't matter how good you are at your job or how hard you work. That pink slip could still land on your desk. Here are seven strategies to help minimize the blow of a layoff ... more

Soft skills are sexy By Jennifer Kavur, ComputerWorld Canada, 19/06/2009
10 soft skills techies need -- and five ways to get them
If you think technical skill is all you need for a career in IT, think again. Expectations for IT employees are changing ... more

IT careers aren’t cool enough for Canadian high school students By Jennifer Kavur, ComputerWorld Canada, 17/06/2009
High school students regard cool and fun factors more than salary and job security when considering their future careers, according to a study conducted by the Conference Board of Canada for the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills and Bell Canada ... more

Workers turn to IT skills training amid layoffs By Kathleen Lau, ComputerWorld Canada, 08/04/2009
Getting the certification for skills you may already have is one strategy to remaining employable in this economic climate, said experts. triOS College, George Brown College, and Sheridan College share their views on IT skills in demand ... more

5 sizzling virtualization skills By Kevin Fogarty, CIO.com, 02/04/2009
Recruiters acknowledge that amid layoffs and slashed IT budgets. skill areas designated hot may only be less cold than others. Skills in virtualization have overcome that faint praise, however, and become genuinely hot ... more

Employment Insurance troubles await laid off tech workers By Nestor E. Arellano, ITWorldCanada.com, 19/03/2009
Canadian workers facing layoff will have to deal with a gutted employment insurance fund and flawed delivery system. Here's some advice on the very little that you can do about the situation ... more

Network skills in demand, pay well in down economy By Denise Dubie, Network World, 08/03/2009
Though only eight per cent of CIOs surveyed plan to add staff next quarter, 65 per cent said network admin skills are those most wanted. Telecom and wireless network management was important to nearly half ... more

5 IT career boosting moves in a flat economy By Nestor E. Arellano, ITWorldCanada.com, 03/03/2009
Panelists at the first installment of the Microsoft's Ignite Your Career Webcast Series tackle tech industry development and provide insights on how IT professionals can use trends such as cloud computing, unified communication, outsourcing and Web 2.0 thrive in these trying economic times ... more

Laid-off IT workers can contract their skills By Kathleen Lau, ComputerWorld Canada, 03/03/2009
IT professionals looking to contract their skills in lieu of full-time employment may like the advantages of being self-employed. The challenges facing full-timers turned entrepreneurs ... more

Laid off IT pros shouldn't switch careers By Rafael Ruffolo, ComputerWorld Canada, 19/02/2009
There's no such thing as a safe industry to work in anymore and many tech companies have certainly helped drive that point home recently. But for worried IT professionals, there are more than a few reasons to avoid making a career change ... more

New models needed for staffing firms: Analysts By Rafael Ruffolo, ComputerWorld Canada, 11/02/2009
Despite an assurance from its CEO that business is fine, industry observers point to Toronto IT staffing firm Brainhunter as a cautionary tale for HR service providers. The lesson: diversify or you’re going to face trouble ... more

Laid off?
Make sure you get what you deserve
By Rafael Ruffolo, ComputerWorld Canada, 27/01/2009
With layoffs continuing to hit tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft and Intel, IT professionals need to be aware of the kind of severance package they should be getting. We asked several nationally recognized employment lawyers for a crash course in employment law 101 ... more

Five ways to keep your IT employees during a recession By Briony Smith, ComputerWorld Canada, 09/01/2009
The recession is unpleasant for everyone - especially when you have a position to fill, or career paths to consider. Read on for ways to make weathering the recession and keeping your career on-track as painless as possible ... more

Get them while they’re young: tomorrow's IT pros By Briony Smith, ComputerWorld Canada, 08/01/2009
Declining enrolment in technology programs continues to be a problem, but the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills is gearing up for a national event this fall aimed at getting students interested in IT ... more

Transferable skills for IT pros: How to change jobs By Shane Schick, ComputerWorld Canada, 06/01/2009
The author of a career management book for technology workers says the recession could see IT managers and CIOs looking at alternatives that have little to do with data centres or ERP systems. Consider these options ... more

CIPS signs international agreement on certification By Briony Smith, ComputerWorld Canada, 17/12/2008
A new accord will offer more standardized certification across different countries, leading to improved IT pro mobility and work opportunities, even in a bad economy ... more

Recession may put short-term IT projects on hold By Shane Schick, ComputerWorld Canada, 09/12/2008
The author of a project management book for IT managers says making the business case will be more important than ever as the economy slumps and companies cut back. Plus: Watch out for stakeholder war ... more